Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Black Leather Thigh High Boots

A fine pair of black thigh boots feature in today's video, uploaded to YouTube by bootsbitch67 in February 2008.

Cold white snow, black leather thighboots, tight blue jeans and a leather biker jacket - what a wonderful combination! This video was shot outside on a sidewalk surrounded by the remains of a fairly heavy snowfall, and begins with a pair of black leather boots walking into view from the top of the scene.

From the start, we are able to hear the sound of firm, high heeled footfalls as the soles of these sturdy thighboots crunch on the cold ground. As you would expect, the sounds become clearer as the boots march closer, moving further down into shot and revealing tight blue jeans fitting into their tops. As the clip continues, the boots pass close to the camera, revealing a little more detail before passing on to the end of the path.

Once there, they pause and then return, again passing close to the camera and showing off their black leathet contours before heading off to the far end of the path. As the retreat, we are treated to a view of the back and heel of each thigh boot. They turn and approach once more, but turn oof the path before drawing level with the camera.

The camera follows them, and we watch as they walk slowly up to a vehicle and pause for a moment before climbing aboard. This unexpected detour presents us with more details of these gorgeous boots, and shows how the supple black leather is moulded to their wearer's legs and feet. Each crease and contour speaks of oppulent comfort, of well loved, well worn sexy boots that just beg for closer inspection.

Sadly, for this video at least, we don't get the chance to see any more of these boots, as the clip ends with them stepping up into the vehicle - briefly showing off their soles as they do so! This is a fantastic video, showing off a wonderful pair of thighboots in a real-world setting. It left me wanting more, and it will do the same for you - enjoy!

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